Friends and Foes: Co-op play and PvP

Friday, November 3, 2023, 6:57:08 PM

Greetings heroes! Hope you've been enjoying the last two weeks of the beta so far. This week, we want to highlight the largest - and most improved - features of our upcoming The Contest of Gimmicks update...


We showed these features off a little bit in our last blog post - but now, we're going to dive into more depth. The coolest part - in our eyes - of the TCG update is that it's allowed us to make more multiplayer focused content for the game. Really emphasising that second M in MMO!

CO-OP Play

So, onto co-operative play. As we have it right now, you'll need to be friends with another play to be able to join their group - as below.


Once you've become friends, you can start working together! You'll just have to right click them, and choose to join their party.

join Party.png

You'll be able to team up with up to 4 of your fellow adventurers to take on foes across Nuublandia. Currently the turn order is Party Leader -> Party Members -> Enemies. But don't let that inflate your ego, you may be able to outnumber - and squash - your average slime, but enemies can also bring friends... You'll need to be prepared in case you end up outnumbered.

For some encounters - like our planned epic boss encounters - you'll need all of your friends, and all of the quick wit you can muster, to succeed... but more on that in another blog post.

Prefer flying solo? Don't worry - we've got something special planned for solo players. Some encounters will always require a group -- though perhaps some of the local adventuring townsfolk will be available to help you out...

PvP Play

Again - at the moment, anyway - in order to fight each other, you've gotta be friends first. Nothing like friendly competition right?


Once you're friends, it's time for combat! Whenever you're ready right-click and duel!

start duel.png

Currently in the beta, whoever challenges goes first - this'll be changed for the live game. Use duels to test out your new decks, settle disputes over gathering and crafting spots, bully your friends who just started playing and don't have that ultra rare ability that you do, and more!

We've got a lot more planned for PvP as the game moves into full release and beyond - and we'll keep you updated with all of our developments! This was a super quick post to let you know about our modes of play... As well as a sneak hint at some of the awesome stuff we've got planned.

Join us in the Discord to catch all the beta discussion! you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and Patreon! if you're interested in joining the beta. Thanks folks!