What We've Been Working On: October Edition!

Monday, October 30, 2023, 3:13:12 AM

Greetings Adventurers! It's been a busy month for Genfanad! In case you've missed it we released a Trailer previewing the big change to the combat with a familiar voice.

It's been... One week since we launched the closed beta! Cocked your head to the side and said, "I'm testing!"

sketch boss sing.png

(the boss isn't exactly known for his singing but don't tell him that)

Seven weeks after we closed the public servers, we launched the closed beta to test out the TCG combat! Since it started we've handed out over 50 codes to players interested in testing it out for us. If you aren't testing already you can join in by pledging the appropriate tier on Patreon. What have the testers been up to? Well...

  • 55,181 cards played
  • 122,312 damage dealt by players
  • 10.416 damage taken by players
  • 51,643 buffs given by players
  • 14,297 battles fought so far
  • 8380 of them were won!
  • 200 people died before they could click the 'run away' button
  • 5717 of them people ran away from, shame!
  • Most popular card: equipment maintenance with 5422 plays
  • Least popular card: deflect (1) with 1025 discards when drawn
  • Most damaging card: Burning Arrow, with 23488 damage dealt
  • Most damaging monster card: Corrosive Splash, dealing 1,340 damage to players
  • Most buffing card: Heavy Armor 2, with 10,735 buffs given
  • Most popular fight: One green slime, with 3748 fights, 2179 of them being solo fights!

If you aren't testing yourself, here's some scenes from the Beta!

Welcoming players into the beta!

Welcome 540.png

People waiting for goblins to respawn in the tutorial!

Goblin Waiting Room.png

Co-op fighting!

Party Combat 540.png


Duel 520.png

And there's much more to come! We'll be updating the beta as we come up with new content for players to test - and we'll share our progress along the way!

Join us in the Discord to catch all the beta discussion! you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and Patreon!.