Player Agreement

Game Rules

The following is a list of rules that are considered the ‘law of the land’ and should be obeyed. This list is not exhaustive, and Genfanad reserves the right to change, add to, or completely rewrite these at any time. Additionally we may need to ban/mute/wipe/obliterate accounts at any time with no notice.

    1. Don't be a jerk. (If you have to ask, then it's probably bad.)
    2. Don't harass other players.
      1. Rose Tinted Games has an Anti-Harassment Policy that will be strictly enforced on Genfanad. This includes bullying, slander, defamation, and any other acts written, spoken, or carried out against other persons. The breaking of this rule will result in mutes and bans of variable length determined on a situational basis by staff.
      2. Don’t Spam.
        1. Spam is typically defined by continually typing in chat repeatedly without adequate timing between messages.
        2. A player who is continually trading or bothering another player may also be considered violating this rule.
    3. You must be at least 13 years old to play.
      1. This is to include the “borrowing” of accounts. Players are welcome to report any users breaking this policy. This is not something a user should make jokes about. Any punishments or decisions are final and will not be reversed.
    4. Play using the official client and with only one account at a time.
      1. The “Official Client” being defined as an unmodified web-browser, the steam client, and any other clients released as “Official” by the Rose Tinted Games team.
      2. Players are restricted to the use of only one account at a time. Players should not attempt to use two accounts at once for personal use, especially with the intention to have them interact with each other.
      3. Accounts can only be played by one person - the person that created the account. Accounts found to be shared will be banned.
    5. Don't bot/macro.
      1. As of this time there are no alternate servers that allow for the use of Bots or Macros.
      2. Any player may report the use of such devices to staff, anonymously if they wish. Final determination of bot use will be made by the assessing Staff Member. Any punishments or decisions are final and will not be reversed.
    6. Don't abuse bugs.
      1. Any bugs found within the game need to be reported immediately.
      2. Bug Abuse is defined by a player using unintended functionality to their advantage or to Genfanad’s detriment.
        1. If there are no alternatives to the bugged functionality please reach out to a staff member to confirm actions would not be considered bug abuse.
      3. The loss of any items or data due to a bug will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The return of any items or experience is not guaranteed.
    7. Scamming, luring, or intentionally misleading a player is not allowed. Genfanad is not responsible for the loss of any items as a result of player-to-player interaction.
      1. Scamming is considered intentionally violating an agreement with another player.
        1. No one is going to add ‘trim’ to your armor for you. Any player offering to do so is likely scamming.
        2. Any player changing the items in a trade window without all parties being aware is also scamming.
      2. Luring is defined by leading a player towards a fight or a fight towards a player without all parties being aware of the risks. The following would all typically be considered luring:
        1. Bringing a combative NPC to a typically safe area.
        2. Leading a player to an NPC without them knowing in order to derive gains or pleasure from their death.
        3. Leading a player unknowingly into a Player versus Player area with the intent to do them harm.
    8. Don't impersonate staff.
      1. A staff member will never ask you for any personal information such as a password or any login information. A staff member is recognizable by the staff icon next to their name ingame.
    9. Keep your language (and character names) PG-13.
      1. Genfanad is a family friendly game. Please respect all players by keeping words, phrases, and character names appropriate.
      2. A player using a name deemed inappropriate will be informed by a staff member via in-game, discord, or email that the name they have chosen does not abide by the Player Agreement.
      3. This rule includes names and terms in languages other than English. If a player is found using a name or terminology that is inappropriate following its translation, to include slang, then this rule will be enforced.
    10. No real-world trading.
      1. Genfanad does not support the trading of any accounts, characters, ingame items, or services for real-world or digital currency.
        1. This includes but is not limited to:
          • Buying and Selling of gold and items
          • Paying for ingame training or resource harvesting
          • Purchasing guides or maps that could be used within the game
      2. Accounts and characters are the property of the registrar. They cannot not be traded, sold, or given away. Any account shown to no longer be in control of the user who registered it will be banned.
Your account may be modified, suspended, or terminated at any time regardless of if any rules are broken.
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