Do you prefer a fulfilling day of working in the mines to hours of aimless grinding? Are you bored of swinging giraffe-sized battle axes made from dragon parts and dream of simply crafting a more comfortable hilt for your trusty (but slightly wonky) steel sword? Here at Character Licensing Heroes Inc. (CLicHe), we know that you’re sick of online role playing games which offer the same tired tropes like “epic quests” (overdone) and “ancient gods” (give me a break). We know that what you really want is a generic fantasy world, filled with exciting tasks like chopping wood, blacksmithing, and fishing (when we get around to developing it). So we’re seeking adventurers who want to join us on a quest to line our pockets, uh, I mean enrich the vibrant world of Nublandia by helping us with a few tasks. And look, if you really want to risk your neck fighting the local monster population, there’s a few dungeons in need of clearing out - but we’re not shelling out for your health insurance.


Genfanad started as a passion project by Heleor, a Seattle-based developer, in 2019. Born out of a frustration with the direction of modern games, Heleor set out to bring back the feelings of nostalgia and exploration of the games of his childhood, allowing Genfanad to grow into its own voice and direction. Now, years down the line, Genfanad has blossomed into a vibrant community of dedicated fans, all providing feedback and suggestions in the true spirit of collaboration to ensure that Genfanad is the best it can be.


  • An MMORPG designed to be just as fun for fans of the genre as those new to online RPGs
  • 16 skills implemented (30 planned!) to level-up and train, such as mining, smithing and botany.
  • A relaxed un-demanding experience, to enjoy at your own pace
  • Countless quests to embark on, each one with its own unique charm and humour.
  • Engage in PvE or PvP using melee, magic or ranged skills.
  • Join a fast-growing community with the voice of the players at its core.


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About Rose-Tinted Games

Rose-Tinted Games is an upcoming indie studio looking to recreate the feelings of nostalgia and exploration of our childhood favourites. Founded as a passion project by Seattle-based developer Heleor, its inaugural title, ‘Genfanad’, is due to release someday. But there's no rush!
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