Genfanad Releases Tomorrow!

Monday, September 26, 2022

Genfanad is Out Tomorrow!

Players have been waiting for this fateful day since 2020… and now they’re finally getting it! Genfanad will be releasing at approximately afternoon - evening PST, tomorrow. We haven’t settled on an exact time since we don’t want to let anyone down if we’re a little late in launching. However, we are releasing the game tomorrow no matter what!

Make sure to head to our official website to start playing, or join the Discord (if you haven’t) to be the first to know of any updates during the following weeks, catch up with Genfanad livestreams, look for other players to game with, or to just chat with the team!

Remember, the release of the game is meant less as a “final game” and more like an official early release! Genfanad has reached the point where there’s enough content for it to be released and for players to keep their accounts, rather than being wiped at the end of every Beta.

As the months roll on by, we’ll continue to add more polish, content, and fixes (plus plenty of fun events, quests to complete, new NPCs to meet, and more!).

Last Day of Name Reservation

Most of you may already know this, but today is the last day for certain Kickstarter backers to reserve their Character Names. Just a reminder, Name Reservation is a reward that is given to players who have backed the Kickstarter at the Hero, Champion, Luminary, CLicHe Agent, VIP of Nüblandia, and Whale of Nuublandia tiers!

So if you haven’t, make sure to reserve your Character Names today here. Make sure to get it done before tomorrow morning!

Halloween Events

We’ll be giving more info on these as the weeks roll by and we begin adding more content, but expect a massive Halloween Event for this month of October!

To kick us off, the Discord store will be filled with special Halloween-themed items for all of you server-lurkers to enjoy and flaunt! These will range from cosmetic roles, to fancy colors, limited items, and more. We’ll also be opening up the ability to do some animal racing on Thursday this week, so chatters who’re addicted to hoarding their coins will have more ways to earn!

Finally, we will also be holding a special event we’re calling 13 Days of Halloween! This will run from 10/19 - 10/31. We won’t be divulging too much about it in this news post since it’s still a ways off, but we can tell you that there’s gonna be a massive giveaway, Halloween costume showcases, and plenty of prizes!

The Homestretch

I think everyone’s tired of us saying this, but: thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you to everyone who has supported Genfanad since the first few Alpha tests, the Kickstarter, our Beta, and now-- the actual release!

Reading all of your messages in Discord, watching all the awesome streamers and Youtubers make content on the game, and even just catching a glimpse of one of you guys in-game is enough to put a smile on our faces!

Genfanad would not be the game it is without all of your support, and everyone here at Rose Tinted Games is thrilled to continue this adventure along with you!

We’ll be seeing you all tomorrow!

We're not ready for you to play yet, but we'd love to tell you when we are!

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