The Second Weekly Update is Here!

Thursday, October 13, 2022

New Update, New Changes!

If you thought last week brought a whole slew of content, tweaks, and improvements— get ready for this update! Campfires, scrips, XP increases… there’s a whole lot to cover, so let’s get started!

First off, the team’s very excited to show off a ton of Engine changes, such as:

Tweaking the DDOS prevention code so as to not punish spam clickers as much. So, if you were IP banned for this, the bans have been cleared! Along with that, we’ve also added some Ranged / Magic griefing prevention, which has added a few new rules to PvP. And finally, a few changes were done to some ranged and magic combat behavior.

More Quality of Life Improvements!

We’ve now added mass item transfers in the form of scrips! Here’s a bit of additional info:

- Scrips are stackable certificates that each represent 5 units of an item and can be traded between players or dropped.

- Items can be converted to scrip by right-clicking in the bank. Currently, a fee of 1 coin is charged per 5 items converted into scrip. This fee may change over time.

- Scrip can also be redeemed back into items at the bank by right-clicking on the inventory.

- Redeeming scrip has no additional charge.

- You can bank scrip but it will take additional bank slots.

Aside from that, we’ve implemented a new chat panel redesign with selectable tab buttons for chat, friends, and ignored, added a hotkey (r) to reply to whoever private messaged you last, added lag compensation to gathering skills, and much more!

Tons of Content Added!

Ready your swords, shields, and campfires! That’s right, you can now cook on campfires. Campfire cooking is more difficult and creating high-quality foods is very rare, but campfires also offer some unique cooking recipes. We’ve also added new cooking recipes, and a cooking-related quest to the Kosten Ridge region: Monster Mash!

This update also features two new map segments for the Kosten Ridge region, a new underground area to Reka Valley, which is accessible near Cent, and some new varieties of botany plants!

Rebalances, Rebalances

As always, we have a few rebalances this week! The Ranged hit formula has been adjusted, which may cause notably lower damage when fighting monsters with high defense.

Early-game combat and botany XP has been slightly increased as well, and a load of monster drops has been adjusted, with drops from low-level monsters having their value increased! There have also been additional copper and tin nodes have been placed in Reka Valley to reduce crowding.

Of course, this update comes with a lot more than this news post is unable to fully cover, so be sure to check out the full patch notes that will be posted on the Discord server! This includes a whole heap of bugfixes, more info on the QoL and Engine changes, and the rebalances!

Thank you for all of your continued support and see you next week!

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