Shops, Drops, and uh, Cosmetics

Wednesday, November 8, 2022

Cosmetics are Here!

This week, our new content is all about blinging out your character!

We've added craftable wigs (which work like cosmetic clothes and change your hair color or style). There’s also a spa added to the game which allows you to change your skin color, buy natural hair dyes, and change your face shape. With this, all cosmetic options from the initial game mirror, and then some, are now available in the main game!

As we have promised the shops now got a new lick of paint and are more functional than ever.

We've also improved a lot of drop lists so look out for a few spicier drops from the monsters you know and loathe! Some cooking recipes now also have higher success and quality rates, and are more strongly affected by skill level.

Other than that, we’ve also worked on a few bug fixes like wall clipping, music choices, and some NPCs not showing up in-game.

Of course, these aren’t all the things we’ve added to the update, so as always be sure to check out the full patch notes in Discord!

Thanks as always for your continued support, and we’ll see you in the next update!

We're not ready for you to play yet, but we'd love to tell you when we are!

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