QoL Features, Bank space, & A Quest

Friday, November 18, 2022

Another Day, Another Update!

We’re now onto Update 7, everyone! Today, we’re bringing a ton of your most requested QoL features, such as being able to right-click chat messages to private message the sender, add them to your friends list, or add them to your ignore list.

Banks can also support dragging and dropping items between slots to reorganize them, and player settings such as UI size will now also save to your account.

Speaking of banks, you’ll also notice that the number of slots within your banks has increased from 55 to 66! So, go ahead and fill it to the brim with more stuff you don’t really need to hoard.

This update also includes a new Quest, entitled “Banner Nord Saga”! As always, check the patch notes over in Discord to see everything we’ve added.

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