Mithril Recipes, Dungeons, & Quest Reworks!

Thursday, March 24, 2023

Quest Rework 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Hello and welcome back, everyone!

As you’ve already seen in the last update, we’re revisiting old quests and giving them a few changes. This week, another old quest is spruced up for spring! "Grisly Fate" has been given updated dialogue and a new, long-awaited quest reward (which players who have already completed the quest can access right away).

This isn’t the only quest we’ve revamped, so be sure to check out the new rewards, such as new crafting stations and shops, that we've added to older quests like Moonshine, Banner Nord Saga, and other fan-favorites!

Mithril Recipes & New Dungeons!

Traverse high and low through Kosten and Fallen Giant and find our newest dungeons! Sink deep into the giant’s stomach or delve into a creepy cemetery; one thing’s for certain– don’t forget to bring your pickaxes!

Once you’re inside, follow the strange blue glow and you might be greeted with a few Mithril ores! But of course, make sure you’re prepared for the dangers that could be lurking within those darkened dungeons.

When you’ve got some hefty Mithril in your pocket, it’s time to go searching for some recipes to craft these ores into real items. Enter the new dungeon located within The Great Tree. Slink deeper and deeper into a massive web of connected caves, while trying your hand at slaying some monsters and collecting those new Mithril recipes! Shields, longswords, and warhammers… see how many you can collect and craft them all!

Don’t forget that these aren’t the only changes you’ll find for this week’s update. Rebalances, bugfixes, and more— be sure to check out our Discord for the full patch notes!

Special Thanks!

Special thanks to everyone who has joined our Patreon this past week:

Joshua, Deadlywere, Bill Skates, Richard Brown, and Chris Bottorff.

Big thanks to everyone who has chosen to support us on our Patreon. We'll see you GenFans again next week!

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