An Icky Investigation, Quest Tweaks, and more QoL

Thursday, March 16, 2023

A New Quest!

Take care and watch your footing! Rumor has it an old old crone lives somewhere deep in the Icky Bog—a Crone with a curious method of luring adventurers to her. A new quest, "Bogged Down in a Creepy Hollow," begins outside the southwest town of Tuthasback.

This is one of our more meta quests with some experimentation in teleportation, so get ready to open Wikipedia and answer some trivia questions, watch your step, and try not to get trapped within the bog!

The Quest Reward Rework!

New shortcuts and old quests re-visited… this update comes with a Quest Reward Rework! Most notably, "Turning Over a New Leaf", which has been given some updated dialouge and some new requirements!

Some old quests have been given new quest rewards, including map shortcuts, access to new areas, and some new crafting and processing stations. Players who have already completed the associated quest will find them usable immediately.

Some More QoL Changes & Content!

Alright, we’ve done it. To finally quell the masses… we’ve finally added the “Show Roofs” option to the settings menu. Setting it to off will have roofs be hidden all the time instead of just when you are indoors.

We hope you guys are happy. All of that rendering work— gone! (But we suppose it does make it a little easier to navigate the world).

As for new content, you'll find some new Mithril items in game. No hints, but a few more things can be dropped... keep an eye out for them! We do wonder what those crystals are. It's probably nothing!

You now also have the option to right click and ‘Inspect’ the tools and equipment within your inventory. This should offer you a chat message of the tool’s equip requirements and stats. We've also fixed clicking on certain objects, a few broken areas and hotkeys, and fixed some more drops-on-death items.

Of course, that isn’t the only change for this update! We've got some bugfixes and reworked selection code, so make sure to check out the full patch notes in our Discord!

Special Thanks!

Special thanks to everyone who has joined our Patreon this past week:

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Thank you all so much again for the support. Remember, you get an exclusive cosmetic once you join our Patreon, so if you're interested, check it out. See you all again next week!

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