10 Days in and the Animated Spells is Funded!

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Animated Spells are on the way!

Woah, only 10 days in and we’ve already reached the Animated Spells stretch goal! If you’ve forgotten what this entails, we'll be adding VFX, animation effects, and general polish to the final game! Cast massive pyrotechnic blasts, breathtaking lightning strikes, and more.

Thank you all so very much for your support and for helping us reach this goal!

More Player Styles?

This isn’t the end yet, heroes! Help us reach our next stretch goal, More Player Styles! Player customization is essential to us, so once this goal is funded, we’ll add more player styles and possibilities for you to choose from!

Wacky hairstyles, crazier colors, and more! Unlock all of these throughout the final game and show off your unique look to all of the other players and watch them gawk!

We’ve been hitting a ton of milestones recently, and we only have you guys to thank for all of that!

Go get your (temporary) Discord Role!

We want to give people some rewards while the kickstarter is still running, so as the first thing we’re rolling out, we’re adding Kickstarter roles in our discord! These aren’t the final ones that will come once the Kickstarter closes on 6/28 but you can flex over the rest of the chat with your backer status!

If you pledged any amount, you can receive a shiny Discord role! If you haven’t already, go and join our Discord server and have a chat with your fellow GenFans:


Once you’ve backed the project and joined the Discord, you’ll receive either the:

  • @Kickstarter Super Backer role: for people who pledged +$249
  • @Kickstarter Backer role: for everyone else

Just shoot a private message to @globster or @Heleor on Discord with a screenshot of your pledge, and we’ll hand you your Discord role!

Meet a Monster and A Tour of Nüblandia!

Meet our lovely Dryad! This is one of the earlier monsters that we had designed for Genfanad. The concept of a beautiful fall forest with oranges/reds/yellow colors all around was something that we got early on in the design.

The location and the actual ideas behind it changed multiple times through development, but these forest creatures definitely influenced our "brightly colored" and "hand-drawn" style for monsters!

More Retro Adventure Goodness!

We’ve got another shoutout here for the people who’re looking for another retro point-and-click game after seeing A Twisted Tale!

Casebook 1899 - The Leipzig Murders is a classic point-and-click adventure game with some unique features. The player controls detective Joseph Kreiser, who examines objects, questions witnesses, and interrogates suspects. In the process, the player can access an inventory and combine items with each other or with the game world, talk to other characters and solve environmental puzzles.

This game has a Kickstarter campaign ongoing as well, so go and check them out if you’re interested!

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you guys again in the next update! At the speed we’ve been growing, we’re sure that time won’t take long to arrive!

We're not ready for you to play yet, but we'd love to tell you when we are!

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