First Update for July

Monday, July 12, 2022

Weekly Updates are Back!

Hi again everyone! We’ve been working hard on the beta and preparing each update. For our backers, we’re very excited for you to see everything we’ve changed and are planning to add! It’s been a crazy amalgamation of new and improved areas, wacky quests, balance changes, and more! For this week we’ve also been sharing a ton of concept art for new armor sets. It took a while to get to the final version, with a ton of iteration being done. We were working on three versions for this armor design, ranging from low-quality to high-quality.

After finalizing the design further with a few notes, we went forward and colored the line art.

Now that we’ve finished coloring it in, we’ve now separated each section of the armor and colored them in one by one. For now, we’ve gotten all of the helmets from the low-quality and high-quality versions done!

When we’re not working on armor, we’re also implementing new enemies…

And maybe sharing the process behind creating those enemies (and new textures) as well!

Aside from that, our maps team has been hard at work finalizing one of the game's new areas! This included creating blockouts for some sections of the area. Here is one of the early versions we worked on:

We wanted a few more changes done to this blockout in order to be more faithful to the area’s original idea. The original concept of this area was meant to embody a lot of bridges, square platforms, and canals between various islands.

That’s just the start of the creation of this area, so we’ll be sure to share more updates on this map in the following weeks! Tune in next week for some updates in regards to our UI design and some new quests!

Now that most of you have played the Alpha, we’d love for you to share your thoughts on the game with the world! If you can spare some time, head to our Facebook page and consider leaving a review! This will help us out insanely:

And now that the major update is out of the way… We’re bringing back Monster of the Day! Today’s monster is the Chicken! Some of the earliest art in our game did get replaced. This is the oldest chicken model and its replacement. The new one is definitely plumper and cuter!

That’s all we’ve got for you guys this week! We’ll be sure to offer you more sneak peeks into what the dev team is working on. Thank you all so much for your continued support, and I’ll see you all again next week!

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