A Ton of Rebalances & More

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

New Content!

Hello and welcome back, everyone! We’ve had quite a surge of interest this past week, so we have prepared quite a big update for you all. Let’s begin with… the second server!

That’s right, we’ve prepared a second server for you guys! Hopefully, that alleviates any lag while we work on more performance optimizations.

Aside from that, we’ve also got a new quest: It’s Not Easy Being Green! Help a druid or a satyr (or maybe both) find proof of the other's unethical consumption, and unlock a sneaky forest passage in the process. Begin by finding either the satyr Matcha in the Dark Forest, or the druid Kombucha near the Tree of Life in Peridot Plains.

Combat Rebalance Take 2

The game has undergone some changes that link hit chance more closely to the type of weapon or armor a player is using, rather than relying solely on skill value.

Players may notice a more significant impact on hit chance when using a weapon or armor that is not powerful enough for their character. Additionally, the minimum accuracy for players has been raised, meaning they can now hit enemies even if there is a large difference in their stats.

We’ve also made some changes in regards to enemies. The extra accuracy penalty that was previously applied when a player faced enemies with a much higher combat level has been removed. Alongside this, monsters that are lower level than a player will now hit them less frequently, which should make combat encounters with lower-level enemies less tedious.

However, monsters now gain a progressive damage bonus when attacking players with much lower stats, dealing more damage to weaker players. Similarly, monsters now also gain a progressive resistance to damage from players with much lower stats, making it harder for weaker players to deal damage to them.

Other Minor Stuff

We've also implemented some quality of life things for players. Chatting resets your idle timer, dropped items are now optimized (helpful at the butchery table!), account names are hidden when you're logged out, and quite a few more. Full patch notes available on Discord, as always.

As always, with changes like these, we hope to hear your feedback. So, make sure to leave your thoughts somewhere in our Discord! Thank you as always and see you next week.

We're not ready for you to play yet, but we'd love to tell you when we are!

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