More Bank Space & Improvements

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

A New Quest!

Hello and welcome back, Adventurers! To kick off this update, let’s take a look at the new quest and area we’ve added this week.

Four druid children, all sisters— have been playing a game of hide-and-seek, but Mama Raindrop says they're late for dinner. In our newest quest "Fowl Play," finding turns to rescuing when an innocent game takes a spooky turn. Adventurers must prove their mettle against an ill-fated foe to see all four children safely returned.

Make sure to visit Raindrop House in the Oorma Druid Community to begin!

Bank Space & More!

Now, onto the additional bank space! Players will now be given access to up to 3x more bank space, due to bank slots now holding all qualities of an item.

If you have existing items, you will need to withdraw and re-deposit the items, but high-quality and low-quality items will now collapse into one slot! Note that clicking in the bank while 'shift' is pressed down will deposit or withdraw as many items as it can at once!

Of course, these aren’t the only changes we’ve added for this update. Here’s a quick run-down!

Papermaking has been upgraded to our newer system and will no longer consume jugs or buckets of water. Non-meat butchery drops have been increased.

All this and a few food adjustments, plenty of rebalances, a new jewelry recipe, and more bug fixes! So, be sure to read through the full patch notes in our Discord. See you next week! We’ll see you all again next week!

We're not ready for you to play yet, but we'd love to tell you when we are!

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