Quest, Dungeon, and Monster Rebalances

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Quest, Dungeon, and Monster Rebalances!

First of all, let's go through the new content! Delve deep into what mysteries the Forgotten have in store for you in the “You Shall Not Pass Go” Quest. Be sure to talk to Evelyn in the ruins North of Zamok!

Ready your swords and shields to explore the new Dungeon under the ruins, North of Zamok. Be aware that this is a dungeon fit only for the more courageous and intrepid players, filled with new monsters to kill for level 10-20 players.

And for the butchers and chefs out there, Departed Rabbit is now a new butcherable item, which is dropped by the rabbit monsters you’ve defeated. As well as that, raw bear meat can now finally be cooked!

A Few Bugfixes and Rebalances

Aside from this, we’ve also done some rebalances for the game (When do we not?).

Numerous areas now have revised monsters and drop tables, and certain NPC shops have had their inventories adjusted. This also includes Barman in Kosten, who is no longer a general store.

The sell prices of several items have also been increased, and we’ve removed the anvil by Kosten Bank, mainly because this wasn’t intended to be the best location to mine. Of course, we’ve done all of these rebalances alongside quite a few bugfixes!

As we always say, be sure to check out the full patch-notes in the Discord. Thanks as always for all of your support, we’ll see you guys next week!

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