Genfanad Demo Wrapup

Friday, April 5, 2024, 8:53:59 PM

We just wrapped up our week-long demo as a part of the Steam Deckbuilders Fest! A big thank you to everyone who played the game, left us feedback, reported any bugs, or just joined the Discord! We rolled out a lot more content for this demo so it's all a big help as we get ready to launch the game. If you haven't already, we'd appreciate wishlisting our game on Steam, as it helps us out immensely.


How did the demo perform? We have some numbers to share!

  • 233 people used the 'anonymous login feature' on steam.
  • 411 people played the demo in total
  • 397 people played for >10 minutes at a time!
  • 309 new accounts created in the last week.


Very few people completed the tutorial, it's clear we need more work there. We are brainstorming ways we can improve the introductory experience. We are hard at work going through player feedback as well (artist rendition below), so be sure to leave us your thoughts in the feedback channel of our Discord if you haven't already!


As we get closer to launch we need all the help we can get! Show Genfanad to your friends, share Genfanad on socials, post Genfanad screenshots, tell your favorite content creators about Genfanad, anyone who will listen should hear the good word about Genfanad!

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