Genfanad Demo Now Live!

Monday, March 25, 2024, 4:56:36 PM

Hi folks!

Genfanad's Demo for the Steam Deckbuilding Fest is now live! It's available to download over on Genfanad's Steam page, and will be up all week, until April 1st.

Wishlist Genfanad on Steam!

We'd love for you to wishlist us on Steam if you haven't already- and, if possible, share our page on social media! We've recently revamped it, showcasing our new trailer & updated GIFs of the game ahead of the Deckbuilding Fest!


The Genfanad demo includes:

  • A new tutorial, alongside the first chapter of Genfanad's story quests.
  • A much larger area - full of secrets - to explore!
  • A whole range of Gathering Skills.
  • A bunch of Processing Skills.
  • Exciting dungeons filled with enemies & bosses!
  • And, perhaps most excitingly, PvP!

Looking forward to seeing players new & old in the demo!

Links & stuff

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