Genfanad's Monetization Overview

Friday, March 15, 2024, 9:54:43 PM

Genfand Monetization Overview!

Hi folks, hope you're all doing well. For this week's blog post, we wanted to give you guys an overview of what Genfanad's monetization system will look like upon launch. We'll be talking all things booster packs, premium (and in-game) currencies, and the systems we'll have in place to ensure that F2P players can continue to play, and enjoy, Genfanad!

Booster Packs

On launch, with Genfanad's TCG rework, Booster Packs will be the main vehicle of monetization in in the game. I'll explain more about how booster packs will work below - as well as how we'll ensure that the game remains fair to F2P players within the booster pack system - but first, check out our incredibly satisfying booster pack opening animation!


The Basics of Booster Packs

Genfanad's booster packs will be purchasable with either premium currency - purchased using real-life money - or in-game currency (separate from gold), earnable from a plethora of in-game activities. Booster packs won't be physical items in-game, and when opened, their cards will be directly into your collection.

Players will be able to trade cards for gold in-game - meaning that any card in the game will be obtainable from F2P players for gold (as long as there's somebody selling it!), as well as from booster packs.

Speaking of cards - booster packs will contain cards of 5 different rarities, including:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Mythic
  • Legendary

Each pack will contain at least 1 Uncommon card and 1 Rare card, as well as a chance of containing cards of increasing rarities - or even special foil versions of cards!

Booster Pack Bundles

To ensure that players are getting the best value possible from their booster packs, we'll regularly be running bundle sales. For new players, the best value of these will be the Starter Bundle. As a free-to-play game, we want players to be able to access all of our gameplay without having to pay - but, in some ways, this puts Genfanad in a position of significantly more risk, without any guarenteed income to continue development.

The Starter Bundle is our solution to this. It's a low-cost bundle that provides huge amount of value for new players, kickstarting their in-game experience and giving the ability to immediately start coming up with creative, exciting decks. It helps out new players, whilst also helping us to maintain a stable income, aiding continuous development of the game.

card rarities.png

Ensuring Fairness for F2P Players

One of the most important aspects of designing our monetization system was ensuring fairness for F2P players. We wanted to ensure that F2P players have the same gameplay opportunities as paying players, and that there was no aspect of gameplay that they are locked out of. Below, I'll go into more detail as to how we've achieved that.

Trading Cards

As mentioned above, when cards are opened as part of a booster pack, players will have the ability to trade them. We're not quite sure on the specifics of this yet (it's likely that players will use an in-game currency to unbind them from their collections) but, once unbound, the cards will be freely tradeable between players for gold, gear, other cards, or whatever else you'd like to barter.

ye olde water coolder.png

In effect, this system means that - as long as there's players selling them - F2P players will be able to obtain any card in the game, even without purchasing booster packs (though this will be easy for F2P players too, as we'll explain below!)

Earning Booster Packs

As for booster packs, these will be purchasable via an earnable in-game currency alongside our premium currency. This in-game currency will be obtainable in a number of ways, from one-off rewards like achievements, to repeatable methods like running dungeons or finishing department tasks.


As well as this, booster packs themselves will occassionally be earnable as rewards from specific in-game activies, from certain achievements, quests or special events.

Card Vendors

One of the most important considerations for us is the starter experience of F2P players. We don't want new players to feel disadvantaged whilst they try the game out and decide whether they'd like to purchase some booster packs or remain F2P. This is why we've made sure that a large number of cards will be purchasable from vendors using in-game gold.

card shop.png

Card vendors mean that players will have access to all the staple cards you'll need to start creating decks. Whilst these cards are understandably not going to be our most exciting (though there's plenty of interesting options to mix and match!), they'll provide new players with a solid base to begin clearing content, levelling up and experiencing all that Genfanad has to offer.

Other Monetization!

Alongside booster packs, we'll have other monetization benefits for players!


We know how fond some players are of cosmetics. We're planning to have plenty of cosmetics on offer - both stand-alone and through bundles - for players to purchase as they desire.


Game Services

Certain game services take our team a lot of time to handle. Some of these will be purchasable with real money to ensure that we can continue to offer them sustainably. Don't worry, though, these will exclusively be limited to cosmetic or aesthetic services.

In Conclusion

And that's all! We hope that you found this illuminating, and if you do have any questions regarding monetization, we'll be around in Discord to clear up any confusion. Thanks very much folks!

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