Weekly Update! 3/1/24

Friday, March 1, 2024, 9:18:31 PM

Weekly Update

We said we'd be providing updates more often, so here's your first update for the month of March!

New Combat UI

crystal.png proximity.png bgtest.gif

We're finalizing elements for the Battle UI, and testing out ways to make combat feel less isolated. No guarantees though!

New Animations!

sword break.gif stabby.gif stars.gif shield1.gif

Brand new never before seen animations being implemented in game... What do you think they're going to be used for?

New Trees and Rocks!

Sequence 02.gif image.png

Last week we previewed one of our new dungeons with a cool lava environment, but you won't need to see new content to get updated visuals. Here's a new tree and new rocks!

New Armor and Weapons!

image.png sorcery.png image-8.png

Implementing new weapons and armor into the game! These are fresh new threads for Barbarians, Sorcerers, and Rangers.

Steam Deckbuilders Fest!

We're going to be a part of the Steam Deckbuilders Fest running March 25th through April 1st! Stop on by the Genfanad Steam page, we'll have it completely redone with a new trailer! We'd appreciate it if you'd wishlist if you haven't already and share it with friends, family, pets, anyone or anything that would be interested in our game!


We look forward to hearing your thoughts, as always you can find us elsewhere through the links below!