Weekly Update! 2/23/24

Saturday, February 24, 2024, 1:28:09 AM

Weekly Update

We've been working in the dark and a few players have noticed the site hasn't had a news post since December (eek!) and players are eager to see more, so we will be resuming brief weekly updates!

Porting content

tailoring table.png

The past week has focused a lot on moving and updating all of the crafting and processing items, recipes, images -- what we call the "content" -- and making it ready for the new hybrid game.



We’re working on a new UI for the battle scenes, It's not finalized yet but below is an example of what we're working towards.

Combat Backgrounds


We’re experimenting with animated backgrounds for combat to make combat feel less static.

New Animations




And the quickfire round -- new animated environmental effects, a preview of a new dungeon, and our rig is ticked off for some reason!


quest 2.png

More of the main quest is being written, what you can complete in the beta with the Princess is only just a preview. The full quest line won’t be available until release! Expect to meet more lifelong friends and memorable characters along your adventures in Genfanad!


Now that we're closer to release, we will be updating you a lot more often. Be sure to follow us elsewhere!