Into the Depths: Dungeons, Reworked!

Friday, November 10, 2023, 7:41:36 PM

Hello folks! Another week, another update - and this time, we're discussing something that we haven't really talked about yet. It's going to become a large part of the game going forward, and is a core part of our vision for Genfanad: The Contest of Gimmicks.


But not dungeons as you know them! Dungeons are changing - a lot. Historically, in Genfanad, dungeons have always been areas that you can delve into and stay in for as long as you want, often with some kind of single, boss-type enemy at the end. Usually, you guys would go in, find a thing you wanted, farm the thing until you got it or got sick of farming, and then leave.

Occassionally, there would be minor challenges with getting to the final boss or interesting puzzles, but most of the dungeon gameplay was fundamentally, "go to place and farm something."

Sometimes fun, but not always interesting - and as you guys know, with the TCG update, we're all about exploring now possibilities for exciting gameplay.

Old Dungeon


Reworked Dungeons

We're giving dungeons a complete rework - and, with our new approach, we're aiming to make them significantly more interesting.

Whilst there will still be areas that you might call dungeons that you can inhabit freely, standing around in to farm, etc., we want to make sure that dungeons, generally, are dangerous places that tax your resources, preparation, teamwork, and skill. All in very different ways, too. One dungeon might be a matter of competing for which parties can successfully defeat the dungeon the best (which might mean different things based on the dungeon), while another is about really pushing your skills in deckbuilding. Some might have head-scratching puzzles, while others have deadly gauntlets of enemies. For some dungeons, your party enters together, and you either win or lose together.

Here's some mysterious screenshots showing off the in-progress work!


image (9).png

They'll have expanded rewards, different win conditions, different constraints, and different challenges from dungeon to dungeon. And while the old, open-type dungeons will still exist, you can look forward to having many more distinct types of challenges to face, as well as new kinds of rewards to collect.

We're aiming for dungeons to be repeatable content, that - each time they're entered - challenge you guys to get deeper and deeper. Dungeons will often have unique rewards, there'll be weekly challenges, and - cruicially - there'll be a variety of them for players to run.

We may even have a table somewhere called "Average Raid Boss HP" that we aren't entirely sure what we're going to do with yet...

Thanks for reading!

This is just a broad overview - we'll be showing our dungeons off in far more detail as we progress with the design of them - but we hope that you found it interesting!

As always, if you wanna stay up to date and be part of the conversation you can join us in the Discord! You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and Patreon! if you're interested in joining the beta.

Thanks very much folks!