How can Genfanad be both an MMO and a TCG?

Friday, September 22, 2023, 8:01:27 PM

Welcome back heroes! It's time for another blog post about The Conest of Champions - our huge upcoming update!

Today we're going to be talking about how we're balancing being both an MMORPG and a Trading Card Game. If you missed the previous blog post giving a wide overview of how The Contest of Champions will work, check it out here.


The Skills

So far we've established that Genfanad's combat is going to be a card-game experience; with players able to craft their own deck, which they'll use in battle. But the question remains - what about the rest of the game? What about our skills? This blog post is here to answer those questions.

Largely, the non-combat aspects of Genfanad are - for the time being - remaining very much the same. You won't be crafting a movement deck to make sure you can walk your way from Cent to Zamok, for example. You can continue grinding, crafting, etc. at your leisure. But these skills will still relate to combat - and the cards in your deck - through your equipment. The equipment that you choose to use - and the quality of that equipment - will have a major impact on the cards in your deck, the kind of deck you'll be using and the options you'll have at your disposal.

We're still working on the specifics of this - how items and skills relate to your deck and combat - so we'll be covering more of that in our blog post next week, fittingly titled, "Equipment Cards: the solution to customization!".

The Social Aspect

A big aspect of the MMO genre is socializing with other players- and that's something that, historically, feedback from players has said we've not been the best at. The Contest of Gimmicks aims to change that.

We're aiming to create more opportunities for players to play together (this is also the subject of another blog post coming in a few weeks) - whether that's through multi-party encounters, co-operative play or PvP - making the massively-multiplayer-online portion of the game even more massive and multiplayer than before! Battles will be able to have multiple participants, and players will be able to battle each other. And, of course, a card system brings a whole new layer of depth to the game- discuss strategies with your friends, share decks with the community, and - and we'll help with this - organize fun tournaments and competitons!

Wrapping Up

A bit of a brief one today - we're still working out all of the systems for The Contest of Champions - but we'll be getting into the real meat of the update in the coming weeks!

We're still working hard on developing the beta, though (perhaps as expected), things are taking a little longer than we planned. We'll be announcing a solid (I promise) date for the beta in just around two weeks - so stay tuned for that, and we'll see you guys next week!

In the meantime, make sure to Wishlist us on Steam, Follow us on Twitter, and Join the Discord if you haven't already so you can stay up to date on the game!

Thanks folks!