Spring has Bloomed Early in Nuublandia!

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Say Hello to the Blooms!

Welcome back, Adventurers! We’ve got a very exciting update for you all this week. As we slowly enter the year of 2023, it seems like the seasons only continue to roll along.

Ah, the fresh air, the melting snow, and the spring blooms… hiding?

A new season has come to the world of Genfanad, and with it, the introduction of the Blooms: mischievous nature spirits that hoard a precious resource, which they share only with adventurers they like the most. Only a certain amount of Dew is available per week, but luckily it comes without an expiration date.

This is the first of the mechanics we have designed to encourage exploration. The intent is that players without a lot of time to be spent can log in to grab a bloom or two, and when they have time to play, they can reap the benefits of the xp boosts!

Players who enjoy scavenger hunts can spend time scouring every corner of the map to get more Dew that they can spend to get an advantage. And of course, this mechanic is completely optional – you can play as normal and occasionally encounter a small reward while playing the game normally!

What is Dew?

Dew can be traded for rewards and unique upgrades starting with XP rate increases and a unique cosmetic for the most dedicated explorers.

Talk to Sage the Sage at the Sage Camp to see what rewards are available (and expect them to change over time).

As a specific spoiler, the current rewards say "low" -- who knows how they might grow over time...

Ardent Blooms

These are the friendliest Blooms and the ones players can find most easily. They're visible on the minimap when they spawn, but they hide very well once they feel you’ve gotten enough dew.

Wonder Blooms

Wonder Blooms reward players who search every nook and cranny of the world map. Each week, a certain number will spawn for each player, but some of these Blooms appear only in the most treacherous areas.

Vie Blooms

Vie Blooms are the feistiest of the bunch. Because they love competition, they can spawn anywhere and are visible to everyone, but each one shares Dew only with the adventurer who reaches it first. Players have to stay on their toes to find a Vie Bloom, but the reward is sure to be worth the effort.

But That’s Not All!

We've also made some small tweaks including some new low level mines that are as good as the Zamok mine, some clicking improvements, and a few visual glitches.

As a preview, we are currently working on brand new character rendering code (+50% FPS in some tests!), as well as a large mechanic that ties together a lot of things in game that will hopefully land this month!

Be sure to check out our Discord to read through the complete patch notes. Thanks again and we’ll see you next week!

We're not ready for you to play yet, but we'd love to tell you when we are!

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