One Week Update! An Exciting Referral Drive and Community Updates + Realm of Divinos Shoutout

Monday, June 7, 2022

What's been going on with the game?

It's been one week, folks! It's insane how quickly time flies, and now we've got another update for all of you. Thank you very much to all of our backers, both old and new. With your help, we quickly reached our goal and started working on stretch goals!

The tailoring skill will be ready when the game releases with your help, and we’re quickly approaching the animated spells stretch goal! That one will be really cool, I look forward to seeing what animations our artists can create!

Right now, the Alpha is still running as smooth as butter! We're still tweaking content and squashing minor bugs day by day, and our players are having a lot of fun building help guides, tackling the hardest bosses and the more difficult recipes, and exploring what content we have.

And now, introducing something to help us reach those stretch goals…

Now unveiling… our Referral Drive!

Share the GenFanLove! As part of trying to grow our community, we’re introducing a referral drive both to the game and to the Kickstarter!

We will count referrals after the campaign is done as follows:

  • Players who refer anyone (using the referral link in their account) who played in the Alpha test will get the REFERRAL COSMETIC for the full game!
  • Players who refer anyone who backs the Kickstarter, even with as little as a $1 pledge, will get a GOLD-TRIMMED Referral Cosmetic for the full game! Who can miss out on a deal like this?
  • There may be more rewards offered as part of this program as we reach future stretch goals… :]

Note: Don't create alternate accounts just to get the referral bonus. We can tell, and this is meant to be a fun activity... We don't like rulebreakers.

This is retroactive-- Kickstarter backers in their survey will be able to specify who referred them!

To find your referral link and code, log in to your account on Genfanad’s official website. Once logged in, you will be presented with your Account Info, Character, and more. It’s here that you’ll find the Referrals Section, which will show you your referral link and code, and how many people have clicked your link.

So... what are you waiting for? Go and herd your friends together to get some shiny cosmetics!

We'll be in Steam NextFest!

We're getting a build of the game ready for the Steam NextFest this June! In case you don't know, the NextFest lets players check out a lineup of live streams and set reminders to join as your new favorite devs show off their upcoming games.

We hope you'll check us out when the day comes!

Look at how fast we’re growing!

Some really cool people have been playing Genfanad on Twitch and YouTube! So, if you're growing tired of playing the game, go ahead and watch other people play the game for you!

Now go and gawk at...





Be sure to head on over to these awesome streamers and show your love.

And, if you’re ever looking for some Genfanad content on Twitch, remember that there’s a whole directory dedicated to it on the website!

Wanna support another up-and-coming indie game?

Realm of Divinos is a striking single-player adventure that features emotional, visual novel-style storytelling. Customize your character and forge your own destiny in a world scarred by war. Advance alongside unlikely companions and choose to aid heroes – or villains! – to become a legend in the two kingdoms.

Their Kickstarter will be ending in 4 DAYS so run over there and give them a pledge while you still can!

Thanks again for your continued support, and have a great day!

We're not ready for you to play yet, but we'd love to tell you when we are!

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