Return of the Snowbird and More!

Friday, January 6, 2023

The Snowbird Returns!

Welcome back, GenFanatics! We’ve officially hit our 13th Update mark, so we’ve got a whole slew of content and improvements here to show you all.

As with every update, there’s a new quest, entitled: “Tears of an Incarnation”! We still aren’t done with the Snowy Mountains. In fact, if you head back to Skal and wander by the North— you’ll find a massive mountain waiting for you!

Head up there and help the Iod of Frost create a potion that will allow you to enter the elusive Snowbird’s Sanctum. Collect her ingredients, and you might just learn something about the highly sought-after Snowbird Tears, and the powerful Elemental Incarnates!

Some of you may recognize the Snowbird, which made an appearance in our 2021 Winter Alpha Test. Well, it’s finally back and ready to cross your blades!

QoL Improvements

A quest isn’t the only thing we’ve worked on. You’ll also find plenty of new QoL improvements! The first of which is that if you have a tool you can’t use, the game will tell you what skills you’re missing. So, if you weren’t able to use a tool before and didn’t know why, this helps to lessen that confusion!

Skill locations will also tell you you’re missing a tool before popping up the interface, which can also save you time by letting you know that you won't be able to use the skill without the proper tool.

Plus, excess items produced now drop to the ground when skilling. (IE, butchery!) Now you can continue using the skill without having to constantly stop to clear out your inventory. Finally, trade and banks now allow “200k” or “5m” to be inputted.

A Few More Bugfixes!

As always, there were more bugfixes done on the game! The code that manages the player's inventory has been rewritten from scratch, but the basic functionality of the inventory system should remain the same. Please report any issues with items being lost/created!

We’ve also added missing botany icons in some areas. You might also notice that the shop at the end of One Man's Trash now correctly buys LQ iron armor. A few more loading screen freezes should also be fixed.

That’s it for today’s update! Be sure to check out the patch-notes in Discord if you want to read through the newest additions in a more concise format.

As a quick heads up, we’ll be posting a development blog on Monday, showing off a quick look behind the scenes and some things we plan for Genfanad for the year ahead as we move forward. So, be sure to check it out and ss always, thank you for your continued support!

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