The Combat Rework & Valentine Event

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

The Combat Rework is Here!

We’ve got a massive update for you in store, Adventurers. So, why don’t we start with the biggest headliner? The Combat Rework!

The team has worked on replacing all old combat formulas with new ones, and all monster stats and equipment stats have been rebalanced to a new curve.

Please be aware that just a small number of us are testing this rework right now. We’re relying on you, the players, to tell us what you think. We've launched a new feedback channel in our Discord just for your comments, and we hope to implement various changes based off of that feedback as time goes on.

From our Lead Designer

The combat change has dropped! The overall goals here were really fairly simple: make combat feel better. Shorter combats mean less time sitting around waiting for monsters to die, and lower monster damage means fewer trips to the bank, which also means an indirect buff to xp. That means less time waiting and more time playing and less fleeing in the middle of fights just to chug a bowl (or five) of soup, all while also feeling good about what stats you choose to focus on!

We also shifted around some gear stats, and as much as your level will impact how effectively you can fight something, making sure your equipment is up to par is just as important as ever. So if you ever have difficulty with an enemy, you can be sure that no matter how you choose to overcome it, the time you spent will always pay off, whether you bring better food, better equipment, or just decide to push for a few more levels (even in strength)!

There's still lots of changes we need to make. For example, XP rates are something we're always monitoring, and will likely continue to receive future increases, and we're still in the process of tweaking all the monsters in the game to be more in line with the new combat direction. But in general, we're confident that this constitutes a pretty major improvement to the overal feel of the game! As always, feel free to let us know what you'd like to see more or less of, or if you run into any unexpected issues or pain-points along the way and we'll be continuing to make adjustments over the following weeks.

A Valentines Event & A Quest!

If you’re looking for a break from the endless violence of combat, go ahead and participate in our Valentine Day Scavenger Hunt!

Delve deeper into the Peridot Plains and aid Princess Val in finding the five pages to her love poem, and maybe just earn a nice time-limited reward in exchange. And while you're exploring, consider taking a look at our newest quest!

The quest this week brings players to the Strigospat office in Kosten Ridge, where our good friends Swella and Deadward need help tying the knot! With body doubles, espionage, a blood ritual and a magic elevator, "Moonshine" is sure to delight YA lovers and haters alike.

More, More, & More!

One of the other major additions we’ve made to Genfanad are the death penalty changes. Now, you’ll notice that if your weapons and armor are equipped, you get to keep them after death. Meanwhile; tools and quest items will always be kept, and most other items will still be dropped. Of course, we’ll still be iterating this in the near future.

Make sure to read the full patch notes over on our Discord, just to make sense of all the changes we’ve added to the game this week. We hope to hear your feedback soon, thank you and see you all next time!

We're not ready for you to play yet, but we'd love to tell you when we are!

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