September Alpha Test

We are excited to announce an Open Alpha test weekend for Genfanad! Taking place September 24th to September 27th, you will be able to join us and explore new lands and discover new bugs. Let’s break these servers and watch them burn!

Genfanad is a nostalgic Indie MMORPG. This test will include the starter area including the tutorial and some teasers of the things that will be in the final game -- mining, smithing, logging, fighting cows, things like that!

To celebrate this event there will be lots of swag, prizes and rewards! Everyone who participates will be eligible to win, and spreading the word will help us out.

players failing to kill a boss
How to Join

To be eligible to play, create an account through our system, sign up for the mailing list, and join the game when it goes live on 11am PST on September 24th, 2021!

Playing the game and completing the tutorial will make you eligible for prizes! Telling your friends and having them join the test will make you eligible for more!


We have some wonderful swag lined up for players participating in the test. Prizes will be offered to multiple players, so every play style can win!

  • The account with the most eligible* referrals!
  • Raffles to be held amongst all eligible* accounts!
  • The player with the highest Overall level and all quests complete at end of test!
  • Any streamer with over 250 concurrent viewers** for at least 30 mins or video creator with over 25,000 views!
beautiful prizes including a plushie
Stretch Goals

New raffle rewards unlock when we hit extra milestones, so tell your friends!

  • 100 Concurrent Players
  • 1000 Twitch Viewers
  • 1000 Mailing List subscriptions
  • 1000 Discord members

swag game character shrugging

*: Eligible players for referrals and raffle are those who create an account, complete the tutorial, and register for the mailing list.

**: Stats will be collected using sullygnome or a similar analytics platform. Videos and streams must link to the game page.

***: Rewards will be shipped to the continental United States. International winners are eligible to win but will have to pay shipping costs. No purchase necessary to win, good luck gamers!